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Policy 4.0 develops research and advisory for decision-makers navigating the extraordinary times we live in today.  The world has always seen dynamic change, but the past few decades have seen unprecedented technology-driven growth. Old approaches are proving to be insufficient as the lines between sectors blur and processes that used to take hours now take seconds. New approaches are needed to thrive today.

We work with leaders in many spheres, including policymakers, regulators, financial institutions and innovators. We provide strategic guidance in two ways: research and advisory.


We take deep dives into cutting edge tech innovations and strategic dilemmas, and provide comprehensive and actionable insights


We unravel complex problems and design strategic solutions for forward thinking leaders

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Interdisciplinary problems require interdisciplinary solutions. But this is not the case in today’s world. Existing solutions to navigate growth have been proven to be insufficient in these rapidly changing times, and derail emphasis on pivotal aspects.

Policy 4.0 provides a tech-first, unbiased and multi-disciplinary understanding of the complex field of policy making with an amalgamation of insights from engineering, law, finance, business and policy. With our cutting-edge research and advisory, we aim to equip organizations with the tools to position themselves as leaders for the future.


Tanvi Ratna has deep and global experience in policymaking and emerging technology. She has worked with leading decision makers such as the Indian Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill and multiple central and state government agencies in India. She handled blockchain projects for EY India and was a Fellow analyzing cryptocurrency regulations at the New America Foundation. She holds a bachelor in engineering from Georgia Tech and a master in public policy from Georgetown University and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

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