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We are an independent research and strategic advisory body helping decision-makers with a common challenge at the cusp of policy and technology – navigating an environment in flux, both creating opportunity and minimizing risk.

Decision-makers today are navigating a paradigm shift. The global order is changing dynamically along all paradigms – technological, political, economic and social.

We work with leaders in different spheres – policymakers and regulators, financial institutions, and innovators – and develop customized research and advisory tailored to their needs. 


We are committed to developing decision-relevant research, both independently as well as with customized commissioned research for our clients. We bring a unique multi-disciplinary expertise to analyzing emerging technology and policy, merging technical, legal, business and policy perspectives.

We come from a deep immersion into the cutting edge of technical innovation and focus on tying together paradigms in technology with the ever-evolving matrix of policy priorities. Our work is regularly cited by media and our insights valued by forward thinking decision-makers in government and industry.


We help leaders design strategy and interventions specific to their needs. Our leadership and advisors bring a wealth of experience in strategizing policy, regulation and technology solutions in complex dynamic environments. We have experience with large scale national technology infrastructure, emerging technology, cryptocurrency regulation, monetary policy, innovation & entrepreneurship development and the financial sector.

We believe that multi-dimensional problems require multi-dimensional solutions and our approach to consulting brings our clients this complete suite of relevant skills.

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