This report will give you cutting-edge insight into China’s future surrounding digital currency and its impact on various sectors and industries, particularly in the post-COVID era. It outlines the technical architecture of the digital yuan, the impact of the digital yuan on the financial sector and the economy, and China’s overall national strategy beyond the DC/EP. It illustrates how the Chinese blockchain market is developing at a rapid pace and is infiltrating into all industry verticals. The report gives you a holistic view of the report series which ties together the overall story.


  • Innovative aspects of the technical design of the DC/EP
  • Implications of the DC/EP for the global financial system
  • Understanding China’s overall blockchain strategy

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the reference architecture of DC/EP and maps the functional flows across the DC/EP lifecycle through reserve engineering DC/EP patents. It has detailed insight into China’s advanced digital currency system design, which presents a valuable learning opportunity when looking to  build a digital currency infrastructure. It also covers  the various industry players involved in the digital currency  system.


  • DC/EP Reference Architecture
  • Industry players involved and roles
  • Functional flows for complete lifecycle of a digital yuan 
  • Notable Capabilities of DC/EP and Key Takeaways

This report examines the multi-dimensional implication of the Chinese DC/EP design on the global and Chinese financial system. These range from significant changes to the management of monetary policy and regulation, to a range of cross-border infrastructure, to direct implications for banking and capital markets in China. Highly disruptive capabilities of the system create both challenges and opportunities for policymakers, financial institutions and innovators. This report will enable you to identify and prepare effectively for these transformative changes.


  • New capabilities in Monetary Management
  • DC/EP and Cross-Border Infrastructure
  • Implications of DC/EP on Domestic Financing in China
  • Implications for the internationalization of the Yuan

This report provides a deep dive into China’s vision beyond leveraging blockchain in finance. Beyond the DC/EP there is an even more significant program underway nationwide towards leveraging blockchain across the economy. The report examines the full spectrum of initiatives undertaken by the Chinese government and private sector into changing the very way in which governance, business and data is managed in the country. The implications of this report are far reaching for all innovators, businesses and policymakers looking at China.


  • Overall vision of the Chinese government in blockchain
  • Deep dive into the multi-dimensional strategy for rapid national enablement
  • Overview of major hardware and software infrastructure
  • Policies and regulations designed to enable the blockchain vision
  • Components of Internationalization strategy leveraging the Belt and Road


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