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Policy 4.0 develops research and advisory for decision-makers navigating the extraordinary times we live in today.  The world has always seen dynamic change, but the past few decades have seen unprecedented technology-driven growth. Old approaches are proving to be insufficient as the lines between sectors blur and processes that used to take hours now take seconds. New approaches are needed to thrive today.

We work with leaders in many spheres, including policymakers, regulators, financial institutions and innovators. We provide strategic guidance in two ways: research and advisory.


We take deep dives into cutting edge tech innovations and strategic dilemmas, and provide comprehensive and actionable insights


We unravel complex problems and design strategic solutions for forward thinking leaders

What We Do

The Future of Money

Our first initiative is the ‘Future of Money’ which deals with new models of currency and finance that are rapidly emerging around the world, managed without institutions and government oversight. There are many implications for the monetary and economic system that we know today. At Policy 4.0 we work on identifying the major fault lines and developing policy and regulatory frameworks for India to navigate them.

We have a unique mission of building policy research and advisory services that make India competitive in the new digital economy. With an amalgamation of insights from engineering, law, finance, business, and policy, we work with leaders in many spheres, including policymakers, regulators, financial institutions, and innovators.

As an independent research and strategic advisory body, we help decision-makers navigate this paradigm shift and help them create opportunities and while minimizing the risks. Our firm is composed of talented people from diverse backgrounds who bring a deep understanding of markets and issues, a wide range of professional experiences, and sector expertise to meet our client’s most significant opportunities and toughest challenges, all while helping them catalyze progress.


What It Is
Working closely with key agencies of the government in building their knowledge/ skills & providing implementation support
How it is done
Undertaking different projects with indian govt agencies around trainings, design and implementation of pilots & development of crypto regulation frameworks.


What It Is
Creation of India-centric policy guidance & solutions
How it is done
Multi-disciplinary research team with legal, engineering, finance and economics competences


What It Is
Create platform for multi-disciplinary interactions between government, startups, financial institutions
How it is done
Setting up multi-disciplinary roundtables, working groups, conferences, regular media coversations

We follow a three-pronged approach & methodology


Creating new knowledge with our multi-disciplinary expertise in the form of reports and papers which can move the needle forward in policy debates around digital currency. We work with leaders in different spheres – policymakers and regulators, financial institutions, and innovators – and develop customized research and advisory tailored to their needs. Our research is regularly cited by the media and our insights are valued by forward-thinking decision-makers in government and the industry across.


We work directly with government agencies to build policy competency on digital currency issues, design policy strategy, design & implement pilots and facilitate exchanges between Indian and international govt agencies.

Our leadership and advisor board brings a wealth of experience in strategizing policy, regulation, and technology solutions in complex dynamic environments. Some of our experience is in the field of emerging technology, cryptocurrency regulation, monetary policy, innovation & entrepreneurship development, and the financial sector.


Creating platforms for multi-disciplinary interactions between government, startups, and financial institutions. 

The main purpose of setting up dialogues is to provide better understanding and decision making aspects for all the types of participants. The policy dialogue addresses key issues and policy gaps aiming towards actional outcomes

The dialogues are set up in the form of roundtables, working groups, conferences, and regular media conversations on relevant themes. 


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Interdisciplinary problems require interdisciplinary solutions. But this is not the case in today’s world. Existing solutions to navigate growth have been proven to be insufficient in these rapidly changing times, and derail emphasis on pivotal aspects.

Policy 4.0 provides a tech-first, unbiased and multi-disciplinary understanding of the complex field of policy making with an amalgamation of insights from engineering, law, finance, business and policy. With our cutting-edge research and advisory, we aim to equip organizations with the tools to position themselves as leaders for the future.


Tanvi Ratna

Tanvi has deep and global experience in policymaking and emerging technology. Before founding Policy 4.0 she has worked with leading decision-makers such as the Indian Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill, and multiple central and state government agencies in India. As the founder & CEO for Policy 4.0, Tanvi is responsible for guiding decisions and achieving rational outcomes for decision-makers and regulatory bodies.

Tanvi has handled blockchain projects for EY India and was a Fellow analyzing cryptocurrency regulation at the New America Foundation. She is also the first Indian to be invited into the global editorial team at Coindesk, the world’s largest and most influential news site on blockchain technology, and writes a monthly column on India, policy, and geopolitical themes linked to crypto. 

Tanvi holds a bachelor’s in engineering from Georgia Tech and a master’s in public policy from Georgetown University and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She grew up in the Middle East and the US and currently shuttles between Delhi & Bangalore. She is a voracious reader and enjoys playing the guitar in her free time.

Tanvi can be reached on her LinkedIn and Twitter

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