16th July, 2020

Twitter hacked; How can you protect yourself against such attacks?

16th June, 2020

CNBC Interview - Will govt ban cryptocurrencies?

4th March,2020

CNBC Interview - As SC lifts ban on cryptocurrencies, will future of virtual money be bright?

26th January, 2020

Iran Has a Bitcoin Strategy to Beat Trump

26th June, 2019

Al Jazeera Interview - Can we trust Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency?

13th Nov, 2020

Understanding the Digital Yuan
30 Sepetember, 2020
CEO Tanvi Ratna Discusses Policy 4.0's Focus On Digital Currencies | Crypto | CNBC-TV18
16 May, 2021
Tanvi Ratna's Views On Future Of Crypto Currency In India | Crypto: Digital Assets Of The Future

13th Nov, 2020

Policy 4.0 CEO, Tanvi Ratna, at IFTA 2020, powered by WazirX
30 Sepetember, 2020
The Future Of Finance Is Crypto - Here's How It Could Be The Future Of Your Career Too
08 March, 2020
International Women's Day 2020 | Women in Blockchain | Women in Crypto | Bit2buzz

13th Nov, 2020

Policy 4.0 CEO, Tanvi Ratna, at IFTA 2020, powered by WazirX


12th May, 2020

ITIF Webinar series - Does the US need a Digital Dollar

12th May, 2020

Consensus 2020 - The Start of India's blockchain boom.

12th Feburary, 2020

GenesisBlock2020 Conference - Panel Discussion - Women in Blockchain

9th February, 2020

GenesisBlock2020 Conference - Panel Discussion - Steps for Crypto Regulations in India.

10th December, 2019

KAIST Korea - KPC4IR Korean Policymakers Conclave.

16th November, 2019

Convergence The Global Blockchain Congress 2019 - Round Table - Blockchain for a Sustainable Society and New Business Models


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China's Digital Yuan blurs the Lines Between CBDCs and Crypto
15th Oct, 2020
The Facebook Jio Deal & India's Payments Infrastructure

23rd April, 2020

The looming dollar crisis

24th March, 2020

The Dangerous Truth About India’s Cryptocurrency Verdict

7th March, 2020

Iran Has a Bitcoin Strategy to Beat Trump

24th January, 2020

How Ant's suspended IPO is linked to the Digital Yuan

12th Nov, 2020


12th June, 2020

Indian Government Reconsiders Banning Cryptocurrency: Report

12th June, 2020

Is the government Banning Cryptocurrencies in India? Again?

21st May, 2020

National Digital Currency Could Expedite Stimulus Checks, Unlock Other Possibilities

19th May, 2020

This Week in Washington IP: Commercializing Climate Change Tech, Digital Dollars and Post-Pandemic Open Source Platforms
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11th May, 2020

Here’s What You’ll Catch on CoinDesk TV During Our First Virtual Consensus

7th April, 2020

SC verdict on lifting cryptocurrency ban in India may be misinterpreted, and we may see the ban reinstated

20th March, 2020

'Finally... justice delayed but not denied': Twitter reacts to Nirbhaya convicts hanging

15th March, 2020

India can use YES Bank debacle to chase China in crypto

15th March, 2020

India should use Yes Bank debacle to launch official rupee cryptocurrency
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15th Oct, 2020

China’s Digital Yuan Blurs the Lines Between CBDCs and Crypto

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